Wolf rpg games won't launch after translating

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Wolf rpg games won’t launch after translating

The Wolf RPG engine is a popular game development platform that allows users to create their own games without coding. However, many users struggle with translating their games, especially those who rely heavily on machine translation. This article provides tips on how to use Translator++ to translate your Wolf RPG game while ensuring quality.

1. Inject your game into a blank folder

Before anything else, create a blank folder and inject your game into it. This will allow Translator++ to generate a ready-to-translate copy of your game. It’s important to ensure that the copy is playable, so start your game from the newly created copy for one or two minutes to make sure nothing is wrong.

2. Isolate what is safe to translate and what is not

To ensure quality, it’s important to only translate things that you would expect to see in the game. Use the search function to search for the context you want to translate (select “Context” from the “Target” dropdown).

Search “Message” context for certain safest to translate
Batch tagging your selected context

Translate your game from the safest context to translate first, then move on to a more “risky” context after you’re confident with the result. Since the Wolf RPG engine uses the Message command for almost anything related to showing text, you can practically get your translation mostly done once you complete translating the “Message” context.

You can also batch-tag your selected context in the batch translation window. Select the whitelisted tags to ensure that only safe content is translated.

batch translation window and select the whitelisted tags

3. Test your game at every step

Do not batch translate anything at once. Test your game at every step to quickly identify any errors. After you’re confident with the result, move on to the following context, such as “choices”, and repeat the process.

By following these tips, you can ensure a high-quality translation of your Wolf RPG game using Translator++. Remember only to translate what you understand and leave the rest untouched. Good luck with your game translation!

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