First release

First release of Translator++.

Support for Wolf RPG Editor was added

Support for worlf RPG Editor was added

300 patrons : 7 More translator support has been added

Will be added when patron count reach 300!

Support for creating project from spreadsheet has been added

We can now export/import project from csv, xls, xlsx, ods format.

350 patrons : Create a “one click” procedure to patch a game directly

Many people find it difficult to apply patches manually. I think of a solution to making a playable translated game with only a single click.

400 patrons : Add support for KiriKiri (KAG) engine

One of the most popular Visual Novel engine is now supported!

500 patrons : Add support for Renpy

Renpy is probably the most popular visual novel engine for the non-Japanese community out there.

550 patrons : Add support for Unity

Add translation support for the famous Unity Engine.

600 patrons : Add support for RPG Maker MZ

The latest version of RPG Maker. A game engine based on Javascript with NWJs.