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Starting a translation project


I think I’ve said this over and over again, that Translator ++ does not guarantee that it is compatible with all the games.
Symptoms that indicate that the game is not compatible with Translator++ such as:
RPGMT window freezes at 99% (or so).
– Close button does not appear although the project creation process has been completed.

To start a new project, press the New Project button.

Then select your executable file(.exe) from the root of your game folder.

Additional step

If the cache from the current game is already on your computer, an additional dialog window will appear.

Here you have the option to:
1. Open This
Open the initial file from the existing cache. The project creation time is the fastest.

2. Rebuild Translation Table from this Cache
Rebuild from the existing cache. The project creation time is fast.

3. Create new Project
Do not use cache, build projects from your game as is. The project creation time is maximum.

This cache is used to speed up the loading process. The safest choice is choice 3.

Wait a moment until the process is complete.
The process of making a new project can take less than one minute to several minutes, depending on the size of the game and the archive used.

Wait until the process is done.


Sub windows will appear several times during project creation. That is completely normal! That’s the 3rd party application doing their magic to extract and import the texts from your games.
If you forcefully close that window, a nuclear warfare will break out!


On some game engines, you also have the option to access the extracted results from the Windows cache.
Please note that the developer of Translator ++ is not responsible for copyright problems caused by misuse of the extracted resources. You are fully responsible for what you do while using Translator ++.

Friendly Warning

Right after the creation of project is successfully completed, the first thing you should do is to export your game. You need to do this to ensure that it is possible to export your game!
This will prevent you from wasting your precious time after spending hours translating, but it turns out that your project cannot be exported.

After the creation of new project has been successfully completed, you will see all the text in your game in the main window of Translator ++, more or less like the figure below:

The main window of Translator++. The indication that the project creation is completed successfully.


If you don’t see all the resources in your game on Translator ++, don’t panic! Don’t call 911!
Because Translator++ will only handle translatable texts, so Translator++ will not display resources that do not have translatable text (duh!).

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