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Translator++ is a CAT (Computer Aided Tool) or MAT (Machine Aided Translation) software for game. It helps translator to translate game from several major game engine such as RPG Makers, Wolf RPG Editor, RenPy, KiriKiri, and many more.

This tool is fully in GUI and equipped with convenient tools crafted to improve your translation experience.

Whether you are full time professional translator or just a hobbyist, you definitely will get the benefit from this tool.


Have you ever wanted a translator service like Google Translate to run offline on your own computer? Or do you want to run a website and translator API like deepL on your local intranet? Don’t worry, we got that covered. With Your Own Japanese-English Translator (YOJET) server you can build that easily.

Recent Post

  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.9.22
    Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.9.22 Ver. 4.9.22 fix Error when exporting to HTML fix Error when exporting ODS fix Import from spreadsheets. Can
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.9.19
    Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.9.19 Ver. 4.9.19 update sugoitrans 0.5.7 fix Support for Levi model with CT2 version 2.22.0 fix Cell hidden when
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.9.6
    Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.9.6 Ver. 4.9.6 fix Core class of Translation Engine update DeeplPro 0.2 add DeepL Pro : Set translation mode, Row
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.8.31
    Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.8.31 Ver. 4.8.31 add Grid’s context menu to merge text then translate (ctrl+shift+g) add LingvaNex translator
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.8.27B
    Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.8.27B Ver. 4.8.27B update RMRGSS ver 2.7.7 fix RMVX Ace : Error when exporting game with main.rvdata2 update