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Translator++ is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) or computer-aided human translation (CAHT) software for games. It helps translators to produce quality translation efficiently and quickly for various types of game engines such as RPG Makers, Wolf RPG Editor, RenPy, KiriKiri, and many more.

This tool is fully in GUI and equipped with convenient tools crafted to improve your translation experience.

Whether you are full time professional translator or just a hobbyist, you definitely will get the benefit from this tool.


Have you ever wanted a translator service like Google Translate to run offline on your own computer? Or do you want to run a website and translator API like deepL on your local intranet? Don’t worry, we got that covered. With Your Own Japanese-English Translator (YOJET) server you can build that easily.

Recent Post

  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.3.25
    Fix : Prevents multiple save into the same file at once. Fix : Removed rows from Find & Replace will reflects directly on the search result to avoid confusion Update : Caiyun translator ver. 0.4 Fix : Caiyun: Unable to translate since previous update Add : Caiyun: Option to add translation id (according to API documentation) Fix : Caiyun: Correct list of supported language (which is limited to zh, en, & ja only) Update : Trans Papago ver. 1.3.2 Fix : Papago : Unable to translate from sub-language code that include "-" character (e.g. zh-TW) Fix : Translator options are sorted by name Update : SugoiTrans ver. 0.5.14 Fix : Added support for Sugoi Translator Toolkit ver. 5.0
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.3.15
    Add : ChatGPT Ver 0.1 (Install via addon installer) Fix : Problem related to search feature. File with spaces not processed correctly. Fix : Log to file error: CreateListFromArrayLike Fix : Styling for various type of option's form Fix : Loading a project with a default translator that is not currently installed breaks right clicking Update : PyLiveMaker ver. 0.1.1 Fix : PyLiveMaker: PyLiveMaker Parser addon skips first line of text Update : TranslatorEngine class: Better handling default value Update : JSONForm module
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.3.3
    Fix : Can not use cell translation if Translation memory's "Remind translation on cell translate" option is disabled Update : TM ver. 0.1.8
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.3.1
    Fix : Opening raw file with VSCode/Notepad++ doesn't work if the path contain any spaces Update : RenParser V. 0.9 Add : RenParser: Renpy ribbon menu Fix : RenParser: Fixed behavior of backslashes in front of non interpolated characters Fix : RenParser: Information of the parser and parser version Fix : RenParser: Better title detection Add : RenParser: Added an idiot-proof mechanism to prevent user starting a non Renpy game with Renpy parser. Add : RenParser: Added a warning for parser upgrade. User may need to refresh their translation project.
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.2.28
    Update : Renparser ver 0.8.2 Fix : Renparser : Unable to start a new Renpy project if Translator++ installation directory has changed Fix : Renparser : Correctly escape "%" character Fix : Opening Raw viewer is more RAM efficient Add : Open raw file directly with VSCode Add : Open raw file directly with Notepad++