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YU-RIS Engine

YU-RIS is a freeware created by Takumi Honoi (Fristia). This engine is popular in Japan because it is a free engine and its permission for commercial use.

Characteristics of YU-RIS Engine Games

You can identify a YU-RIS engine game by examining its file structure. The YU-RIS Engine’s structure includes a folder named “pac” next to the exe file. The contents of the “pac” folder consist of packaging files for various elements such as bgm, voice, sound effects, pictures, cg, and scripts, all in the ypf format.

Common file structure format of YU-RIS Engine game.
Inside of pac folder, all scripts and files stored in ypd format


YU-RIS plugins are free and can be installed on Translator++ version 5.8.20 or later.

YU-RIS Parser plugin required
YU-RIS engine translator start option.

Example of a YU-RIS engine translation project display
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