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Find, Replace & Put

Find, Replace & Put is a built-in Translator++’s utility which is very useful for performing text searches in your projects.

You can perform quick searches and manipulations using this utility.

Several action can be performed directly into the project based on the search result


You can open the Find window with Ctrl+F shortcut.

If you highlight a text in the main Translator++ window and press ctrl+F, the find window will automatically search for the highlighted phrase.

You can specify where the search will be performed by selecting it in the Target dropdown menu. Press the ctrl key on the keyboard to select more than one option.
By default the search will search in Grid and Context.

By default Search tool will search inside Grid & Context, but you can specify otherwise

The search tool also supports the glob pattern. That way we can search for text using certain patterns easily without using regular expressions.
The star “*” is a wildcard character.
For example, we can search for all text that is an event name with the following pattern:

Searching for all event’s name in the context using a simple glob pattern

Searching for tags

To search for tags, you can type the name of the tags in the search field. For example, you can search for all rows with red and yellow tags by entering “red yellow” in the search field. And don’t forget to select Tag in the Target field.

Selecting tag is easy. Just search by the tag name.

Search options

Search options

1. Case sensitive

If checked, the search will be in case sensitive mode.

2. Transpile \r\n\t

In some cases you may want to look for phrases that contain non-printable characters, such as enter, tab or carriage returns. You can search for those phrase by using the following escape code:

\rCarriage return
\nNew line

3. File to search

By default search will search all files in your project. But you can specify the search to specific files that you want.

4. Regular Expression

By enabling this option you can use the Javascipt’s regular expression.

We have the dedicated page that explains how to use regex in search window.


Replace works almost the same as Find, but you don’t just search for a phrase, you can replace it with a new phrase.

The shortcut for Replace is Ctrl+H.

Pressing Ctrl+H while highlighting a phrase on Translator++ will automatically bring you to the Replace window with the highlighted phrase as default.

Pressing Ctrl+H when a text is highlighted, will automatically bring you to the Replace window with the highlighted phrase as default.


PPut is a unique feature of Translator++. You can search for a row and put the translation in the column you want using this feature.

This feature allows you to make quick translations of a line or a row you want, especially if they are used repeatedly in your project.

Put translation process of a commonly used phrase


  • If you enter a single line on the original text. Then the search mode is performed in line-by-line mode.
  • If you enter more than a line on the original text. Then the search mode is performed in row-by-row mode.

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