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Staging Files

What is Staging Files?

Staging file is a portion of the translatable files/data from the original games that are cached for further processing.

Most of the time, a game consists of images, audio, and heaps of binary files. Just a little portion of those files are actually translatable.

In order to get the translatable files, it is usually necessary to extract, decrypt, unscramble the game data. … And that process requires time,  large computer resources and a huge deal of disk space several times the size of the original game. Nobody wants this process to happen every time they perform an action in Translator++. So, by caching the translatable data, we can skip those processes entirely when exporting, injecting or test playing the game.

Where are staging files located?

By default staging files are located at : [your Translator++ installation directory]\www\php\cache

Why did I lose my staging files?

There are several possibilities, such as but not limited to :

  • Opening .trans file from other computers / other instance of Translator++ installation.
  • Improper way of upgrading Translator++. (Please read upgrade instruction from this page)

What will happen if those staging files are lost or deleted?

Well, you can still translate your game, but you can not export nor inject your translation.

How to fix when staging files were lost or deleted?

  1. Create a new project
  2. In the newly created project, import your translation from your old .trans file

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