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DeepL Pro

Deepl Pro is a translator engine for using the DeepL API.

You can get the API for free and use translation services for free up to 500,000 characters.

Be careful on picking your package if you’re subscribing for paid DeepL service

There are several options of paid subscription on DeepL. This add-on only worked for the free or paid version of the “developers” package.

You can get a free API for 500.000 characters

Although free, it requires a credit card issued in a small number of countries to get an account at Deepl.

If you are having trouble getting API keys in deepl, I suggest you to use the regular version of this translator engine instead.

How to set-up Deepl Pro

Unlike the free-to-use version counterpart, this version requires an API key.

1. Copy your Deepl API key at account settings at

2. Open up options > Translator & language > Deepl Pro

Fill in API key with your DeepL API

3. Fill in API key with your DeepL API

4. Fill the Target URL with the correct URL

If you’re using a free service, use this URL:

Or, if you’re using the paid service, use this URL:

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