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XUnity Auto Translator

Translator++ version 5.1.12 and above can read the BepInEx folder structure.

You can translate Unity games using the XUnity Auto Translator. if you follow the Translator++ wizard, the ReiPatcher plugin will be installed into your unity game. it should be noted that the translation of the unity game is a playthrough, the text shown in the game will be generated.

you can always go to the file Translation{Lang}\Text_AutoGeneratedTranslations.txt (OutputFile) to edit any auto-generated translations and they will show up the next time you run the game. Or you can press (ALT+R) to reload the translation immediately.

It is also worth noting that this plugin will read all text files (*.txt) in the Translation (Directory), so if you want to provide a manual translation, you can simply cut out texts from the Translation_AutoGeneratedTranslations.{lang}.txt (OutputFile) and place them in new text files in order to replace them with a manual translation. These text files can also be placed in standard .zip archives.

In this context, the Translation{Lang}\Text_AutoGeneratedTranslations.txt (OutputFile) will always have the lowest priority when reading translations. So if the same translation is present in two places, it will not be the one from the (OutputFile) that is used.

In some ADV engines text ‘scrolls’ into place slowly. Different techniques are used for this and in some instances if you want the translated text to be scrolling in instead of the untranslated text, you may need to set GeneratePartialTranslations=True. This should not be turned on unless required by the game.

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