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Asking for help

I’m happy to help you. But please read this before you ask me a question.

I want to make Translator++ the best game translator platform. So if you have suggestions, positive feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via direct message.

I am also happy to help if you are having difficulties. However, before you contact me, please consider this:

  1. Look at the documentation at, maybe your problem has already been answered there. Trust me, doing this will save your time.
  2. I will not violate any copyrights or EULA. So, I’m really… really sorry I can’t help you if I find out that you don’t have the rights to translate the non open source commercial game you mentioned. So, please do not mention any non open source commercial game titles or url anywhere on this patreon pageincluding in the Direct Message or at, unless I explicitly ask (which I never did). Any post mentioning the url or the title of commercial games will be ignored and removed.
  3.  I’m not supporting porn industries in any kind. So, please do not post or mention any of those games nor url related to pornographic material regardless its distribution format  whether it is open source or not anywhere in this site, I will ignore your questions and remove your post if you do so.
    There is many reason why I take this matter seriously. One of the reason is because porn are illegal in my home country.  Please pay attention to this matter if you want to support me to continue developing Translator++. 

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