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Translation by context


This feature is available at Translator++ ver. 3.7.15 or greater.

By default one translatable text will only appear once across an object (or even across a project in a certain engine). This makes it easier for translators to translate, because there is no need to translate the same text over and over again. This is also useful for maintaining consistency of translation.

But sometimes one word can be translated into several meanings depending on the context. So in some situations the translator needs to translate some of the same words into different words.

This is possible in Translator++ Version 3.7.15 or greater.

We have a new tab at the previously called “Current Cell Text” block that is dedicated to handle context translation.

New “Context Translation” tab

How Context Translation works

Let say we have a very simple KS file (TyranoBuilder / KAG engine) as follows:

As you can see, we have several occurrences of “Repeated word”.

If we translate it normally, the result would be like this:

Now we can translate each of the occurrences from the “Context translation” tab.

Let say, we put the context translation as follow:

The result will be as follow:

What is happened?

Because the first and the second occurrence are defined in the context translation, then the context translation will be used instead of the default translation. And since the third occurrence is blank, then the default translation is (are) used instead.

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