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Know Your Unity Engine

Friendly Reminder

Translator ++ will give you a better experience in producing quality translations using XUnity Auto Translator. Before starting a translation project, please be aware of the following things:

• This is a soft translation, which means that the translation will not be written directly into the game but as a real-time mod.

• A Playthru is required to fetch all the text in the game. Depending on the game type and scenario branching, some games may require more than one playthru. But don’t worry, because XUnity Auto Translator will still provide you with generic machine translation on the fly for every untranslated text.

• There is a chance that this mod is incompatible with other mods. Especially if you have previously installed different mods.

• XUnity Auto Translator does support a broad range of Unity games. However, it doesn’t mean that it will support every Unity game.

Which Unity is compatible?

If you use the wizard on Translator++, it will install the ReiPatcher plugin. ReiPatcher is a modding tool that only works with Unity games that use Mono as their scripting backend.

What are Mono and IL2CPP Unity?

Mono is an open-source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It allows game developers to write their game code in one place and deploy it almost anywhere, which is useful for cross-platform development. Unity used Mono as its scripting backend for a long time, but it had some limitations, such as being stuck on .NET 2.x for years. IL2CPP (Intermediate Language To C++) is the new scripting backend that Unity developed to replace Mono. It transpiles IL code to C++ code and uses the C++ compiler available on the target platform to produce the final executable. While Unity encourages developers to use IL2CPP, Mono is still supported for legacy projects.

What Unity My Game is?

To determine what Unity version a game uses, you can look at the game files and folders. If you see a folder named “Mono,” then it is a Mono Unity game. If you see a folder named “il2cpp,” then it is an IL2CPP Unity game. Alternatively, you can check the game’s documentation or contact the developer to find out which scripting backend they used.

2022 Game The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden uses IL2CPP
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