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How to set-up GPT4All

1. Install GPT4All

Download and install GPT4All from the following website :

Don’t forget to install the appropriate model for your GPT4All.

You can try the following models:

Place your model into the Download path of your GPT4All’s Application General Settings :

By default the Download path is located at: C:\Users\{yourname}\AppData\Local\\GPT4All

2. Enable API Server in GPT4All2

Once GPT4All is installed, you need to enable the API server.

Click the gear icon:

Check Enable API server

3. Install GPT4All Add-on in Translator++

To integrate GPT4All with Translator++, you must install the GPT4All Add-on:

  • Open Translator++ and go to the add-ons or plugins section.
  • Search for the GPT4All Add-on and initiate the installation process.
  • Once installed, configure the add-on settings to connect with the GPT4All API server.

4. Setting Up the GPT4All Add-on

  • Navigate to the Translator & Language section and choose the GPT4All Text Complete option.
  • Enter the model details. Ensure that the model name matches exactly with the one you’re utilizing in the GPT4All application.
  • For instance, if your chosen model is webbigdata-ALMA-7B-Ja-q8_0.gguf, input webbigdata-ALMA-7B-Ja-q8_0 as the model name in Translator++.
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