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Unity Engine

  • Translator++ uses xAuto Translator as a translation plugin for Unity games.
  • xAuto Translator can utilize both machine translation and manual translation.
  • The way xAuto Translator works is by translating in-place, and the translations are recorded in txt files.
  • This means that in order to redistribute translations, translators have to explore the entire gameplay and record as much text as possible that appears throughout the game.
  • Translator++ is able to read the framework structures of BepInEx and ReiPatcher.
  • If the target game does not have these frameworks installed, Translator++ will offer ReiPatcher as an alternative framework.
  • ReiPatcher can only work with mono-based Unity games.
  • BepInEx is currently developing a framework for IL2CPP, which means not all IL2CPP Unity games can be translated or may be compatible.

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