What can Translator++ do?

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What can Translator++ do?

What Translator++ can do

  • Translator++ can generate machine translation from 10 ++ machine translation service providers.
  • Translator++ can be used to translate to and from more than 100 languages.
  • Translator++ can help speed up your translation process. And you are guaranteed to get a better experience translating via Translator ++ than manually.
  • Translator++ Can be used for RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker MV, Wolf RPG Editor games.
  • Translator++ can be used free of charge by anyone. You may add or change features in it.
  • Translator++ can make it easier for you to do the editing process with search & replace and tagging features.
  • Translator++ can do batch trimming, indenting, text wrapping.

Next are things that you obviously know, but in case you forget …

What Translator++ can NOT do

  • Translator++ tries it best to be able to handle all games from the supported engines. But there are always odd balls out there. So don’t expect that Translator++ can handle EVERY games perfectly.
  • Translator++ actually can’t speak human language, although it seems like it can translate many things, but actually it is a robot that pretends to be able to speak human language. So don’t expect perfect translation from machines.
  • Translator++ only translates text from your game. It has no OCR capability to read characters in image files.
  • Translator++ is made by mere imperfect humans in his limited time. So don’t expect this program to be perfect. I strive for perfection though. If you encounter one or several bugs, please kindly contact me at dreamsavior@gmail.com .

Make sure you know these facts before using Translator++ and before you “share your sharp thoughts” and bash Translator++ on the Youtube channel or discussion boards.

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