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Translation Proxy

As you may already know, Translator++ is a Computer Assisted Translation tool that enhances the efficiency of human translation with 20+ automatic translation services and over 100 types of Large Language Models (LLMs). The “Translation Proxy” serves as a gateway, running API services on the HTTP protocol, enabling you to utilize Translator++’s automatic translations in any translation application you prefer.

Key Features

Single API for all translation services

There are many translation engines out there, such as Google Translate, Bing, DeepL, Baidu, and lately, many people are using AI models as automatic translation engines, but all of those tools “speak different languages.” If you’re a developer, to support all existing translation engines, you have to painstakingly create API communication handlers for EACH translation engine. What if I told you that you could use one API for all those translation engines? The Translation Proxy is the answer.

Easy setup

You don’t need to install and set up your own HTTP server. You can activate the Translation Proxy service with just one click in Translator++.

Extensive MTL & LLM Support

Harness the power of the existing 20++ MTL endpoints and over 100 Large Language Models supported by Translator++. Just sit tight; we’ll handle the hard part for you.

Caching for Dynamic Translation Mixing

The “Translation Proxy” introduces a caching feature, enabling you to mix and match translations across Machine Translation (MTL) services. Improve it with AI-generated translations and even human translations.

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