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What is points and level?

Points and levels are identifiers tied to user accounts. The purpose is to provide extra benefits to our patrons.

Level and points on Translator++’s Option window


Level is your current tier on patreon in USD’s cent (1USD = 100 level).

Level will be reevaluated each month or whenever you edit the pledge.


In general points are your lifetime pledge on patreon in USD’s cent (1USD = 100points).

Points in most cases are permanent, so even if you are not an active patron of Translator++ you can come back any time to receive points based benefits.

How to get points and level?

  • By becoming a patron at https://patreon.com/dreamsavior
    Your current pledge will be converted by Level and Points directly.
  • By becoming a contributor.
    Contributors are the people who provide some code, module, add-ons or an application used in Translator++.
    By becoming a contributor, you can earn levels or points for a certain period of time or even permanently.
  • By being a moderator or helper on our discord channel
    Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a moderator.
  • By contributing to game translation community
    We love people that put their passion for their favorite game into translation.
    So if you are a non commercial game/doujin translator please contact me freely through Discord / Patreon. I will provide you with a free copy of Translator++ along with the updates and add-ons for free.

Negative Points and Level

A serious rule violator will be banned from our service and they will receive negative points. The negative point makes them lose their right to download updates.

I updated my pledge but why is my point not updated?

It took several minutes for the server to synchronize with the update. You can try again checking your points latter by restarting your Translator++.


Our servers will usually sync with Patreon within 30 minutes. If your problem is longer than that, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord or via Patreon’s direct message.

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