Patching with Translator++ exported patch

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Patching with Translator++ exported patch

Before you begin


Make sure your game archive has already been extracted.
You can use an external application to extract the game archive.
Or retrieve it from the cache directory when you create a new project in Translator ++.


Make sure there is no original game archive in the root folder of your game.
Because your game will prioritize game data over the data folder if both exist.

The format of the game archive varies for each engine.
You can rename the extension, or remove them completely.

What is the “game archive” you are talking about?

Game archive is the package where all the resources in your game are stored.
Here is an example game archive:

RPG Maker XP : Game.rgssad
RPG Maker VX : Game.rgss2a
RPG Maker VX Ace : Game.rgss3a
Wolf RPG Editor : Data.wolf

(Some games may have different filenames, but most likely the file extension are same as above.)

Now the real deal… patching!

The steps to patch the game are actually very simple:

Step 1. Copy and paste the content of your patch into “Data” directory.

Step 2. Replace file if asked.

Replace the data files of your game with the patch

It’s done. Simple isn’t it?

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