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What should I do if the source material has been updated or upgraded?

Say you are translating a game. Then in the middle of the translation process, the game developer updates the game. You want to make a translation using the latest edition of the game, and you obviously don’t want to start over from the scratch, what do you need to do? How can Translator ++ help you?

Basically, you can use the “Import project” feature to import your ongoing translation into the new project.

First of all, create a new project using the latest version of the game.

Depending on the engine, the “Project is Exist” dialog may or may not appear.
When the “Project is exist” dialog appears, select “Create new project”.

Click “Create new project” when this window appear.

Then in the “Import project” menu select “Import translation from another .trans file“. Select the .trans file from your ongoing translation.

Fetch translation from another .trans file


Import translation is a feature that allows you to fetch the translation from another .trans file.
You can use this feature for several purposes:
– Migrate translation when the source material has been changed.
– As a translation templates.
– Use the commonly used words and phrases from other projects to boost up your translation progress.
– As a dictionary & glossary

Translator++ will put the translations that you have made in their proper place in the new project. Then finally, you can continue your work on the updated version of that new project.

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