RPGMT progress is stuck at 99% and won't continue

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RPGMT progress is stuck at 99% and won’t continue


When creating a new RPG Maker XP, VX, or VX Ace the RPGMT progress stuck at certain point and won’t continue.

Stuck at 99% and won’t continue no matter how long we wait.

What causes this error?

The reason is because RPGMT does not support multi line commenting. So any string-like inside the multi line comments within the plugin scripts will be parsed and sometimes this will lead to errors.

Multi-line comments on RGSS scripts is appear as follows:

How to fix this?

Basically you need to convert all multi-line comments into old school single line comments.

Here is one way to convert the multi line comments from your game into a single line comments

1.Open up your game with RPG Maker editor

2. Open “Script Editor”

3. Right click in the script list on script editor, then select “Find”

Or you can hit Ctrl+Shift+F

4. Search for “=begin”

Then click “Start Search”.

A search results dialog will appear

5. Select the line in the search results, and click “Jump”

The number of lines depends on the number of words found.

6. Select all line starting from “=begin” to “=end”

7. Hit Ctrl+q

Ctrl+Q will automatically comment out the selected line

8. Remove the line that contains “=start” and “=end”

You can leave =start and =end line as is because the line is commented out anyway. But this step will make your life easier, trust me.

9. Back to step 7, and repeat until all scripts is free of multi-line-comments

Good luck with that.

10. Create a new project in Translator++ and the problem should be fixed.

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