Can not export / inject translation from Wolf RPG Editor games

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Can not export / inject translation from Wolf RPG Editor games


I am currently in the process of rewriting WolfTrans.
This will fix many of the problems with the WRPGE translation process.
Please look forward to the upcoming release of Translator++.


So you have successfully created a WRPGE translation project in Translator++. You have translated it with a machine translator. But you’re sad because Translator ++ doesn’t succeed in generating patches from your project, or it doesn’t successfully inject translation into your game…. maybe this article can help you.

WOLF RPG Editor(WRPGE) is a game construction tool that can create complex role playing games. It is often regarded as being aimed at advanced users, so keep this in mind if you intend to use it.

Even though it’s said that WRPGE is aimed for advanced users, WRPGE doesn’t support advanced scripting unlike RPG Maker series which the users can customize almost everything. So, theoretically speaking, translating WRPGE games is not any harder than translating RPG Maker games.

It’s just that WRPGE uses a lot of custom parameters and variables.

So as long as we understand how WRPGE works, we can translate WRPGE well. The same principles that also applied to the other engines.

So, before we panic and dial 911 or call the Batman to help us, there are some standard procedures that we can do to help ourselves.

Check the tags

Most of the reported problems are related to this problem.

Well, I admit that checking tagging & scripting is not the most fun thing to do. But if you are really serious about translating the game you like … checking tags is a small matter.

You can use the search & replace feature in Translator ++. Or use the Context tool.

Tags in WRPGE is very standard (because there is no custom scripting), but variables can appear anywhere and tags can quickly become convoluted in the more complex games. I also recommend you to see the documentation of WRPGE. We already have the English version now (thanks to vgperson)

Make a full translation instead of partial translation

If there is an object that is ticked in the left panel it means you tell Translator++ to make a partial translation consisting of the object that is currently checked.

Make sure that all of the object on left pane is unchecked before you Inject translation, generating patch, or exporting.

Make sure you have nothing checked in the left panel before generating patch or injecting translation

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