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Debugging and Testing


To test your rules you can go to the testing tab. In the grid you can enter translations in the Grid as you do in Translator++.

Testing area is handy for testing your rule

Enter a snippet from the file you will parse in the sample text area and your translation in the Grid.

Note that the text you enter into the sample text area should only be a snippet that covers various situations that may arise in the file format you will translate. It is not recommended to load an entire file with a large amount of text in the sample text area.

Then you can switch to the Translated tab to see the text results after translation.

Translated tab to view the result of the translated text


If you’re using developer version of Translator++, you can also access the DevTool window by clicking the debugging button, or pressing F12

Debugging button

In the developer tool, especially in the Console tab, you can get a lot of information about what happens to your sample text when it is parsed with the rule you created. 

DevTool is handy to view all sorts of information regarding the rule you created
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