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Uninstall XUnity.AutoTranslator ReiPatcher

Uninstalling ReiPatcher from your Unity game can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Delete all the files listed on the GitHub site under the ReiPatcher section of your game directory. These files include XUnity.AutoTranslator.Patcher.dll, ReiPatcher.exe, and several other files.
  2. After deleting these files, you should also remove any translations that were generated by the plugin, including the AnyTranslationFile.txt file.
  3. If you used a supported Plugin Manager with ReiPatcher, it’s important to note that simply deleting the files may not fully uninstall the plugin. In this case, it’s recommended to use the Plugin Manager’s built-in uninstall feature to fully remove ReiPatcher.
  4. Once you’ve removed ReiPatcher from your game directory, you may need to verify the game files to ensure that any changes made by the plugin are fully reverted. This can typically be done through the game launcher or through the game’s Steam properties.

It’s important to note that if your game crashes or doesn’t work properly after uninstalling ReiPatcher, the only way to fix it may be to reinstall the game entirely. This is because ReiPatcher modifies the game files directly, so any errors or conflicts caused by the plugin could potentially damage the game’s installation.

In conclusion, while uninstalling ReiPatcher from your Unity game is a straightforward process, it’s important to take extra precautions when working with game files to ensure that any changes made by the plugin are fully reverted. By following these steps and using caution when modifying game files, you can safely remove ReiPatcher and avoid any potential issues that may arise from its use.

here are the listed files:


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