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How to translate using Translator++

Translating in Translator++ is quite straight forward process. basically you translate the text in the leftmost column into the column next to it.

When you successfully create a project, you probably will notice a grid like figure below :

Figure 1: Original text column and translation column

The left most part of the grid (1) is “Original Text” column, you can not modify this column.

Translator++ will search throughout your game to search for phrases or sentences within this column and replace it with translation. So, changing any value of this column will break those process.

The rest of the column (2) is translation column.

Translator ++ will assume the right column is a better version than on the left. Translator ++ will use the rightmost column that is not empty.

In the figure below, the text marked in red will be used when compiling the result.

Figure 2: Translator ++ will use the translation from rightmost column that is not empty.
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