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Rule – Javascript Function

Rule can be written in the form of a JavaScript function.

Function wrapper

Your code is going to be wrapped with the following function:

async function(text, thisModel = {}) {
// your code

You can access arguments object and this keyword.


The code you write will be inside a function with 2 arguments that can be accessed anywhere in your code:

  • textStringA string of the entire content of the file.
  • thisModelObjectThe rule object that is currently used by the file.

this Keyword

this will reffer to the instance of CustomParser class.

Expected Return Value

Your code must return one of the following value:

  • undefined
  • Offset of the captured text, for example:
  • Array of the offset of the captured text, for example:
    {start:0, end:5},
    {start:12, end:30},
    {start:4581, end:4593}


The following code is an example to parse srt subtitle.

  Translator++ is using regexp-match-indices
  by that all RegExp.exec() method will return their group offset
  read more about Regular Expression Indices here:

var result 			= [];
var captureGroup 	= 1;
var regex 			= /\d+[\r\n]+\d+:\d+:\d+,\d+ --> \d+:\d+:\d+,\d+[\r\n]+((.+\r?\n)+(?=(\r?\n)?))/g;
while(null != (matches=regex.exec(text))) {
    start	: matches.indices[captureGroup][0],
    end		: matches.indices[captureGroup][1]
return result; 
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