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MySQL/MariaDB database

Translator++ supports MySQL/MariaDB as a database for translation memory.
MySQL is arguably the easiest enterprise level database to setup. It’s simple enough for home users, but you can scale it and take full advantage of its potential to the enterprise level.

How to setup MySQL

The easiest way is to install through XAMPP:

1. Download XAMPP at

Just pick the latest version to be safe

2. Follow the installation procedure.
You might be warned not to install XAMPP into C:\Program Files
XAMPP installation is easy! You can straight clicking any next button you see, and you will be fine.

Just don’t install XAMPP into C:\Program Files
Click next

In this dialog you are safe with the default option. But you just need MySQL and phpMyAdmin. So, make sure MySQL and phpMyAdmin are checked

You can install XAMPP anywhere. But the best practice is to select the largest and fastest drive on your machine. It is a database afterall.

Select the control panel language of your preference.

Wait until the installation is complete

Whitelist some service application into your firewall. Click Allow Access to continue.

Now your installation is completed. You can click Finish.

Starting MySQL database through XAMPP Control Panel

If you have installed XAMPP like the steps above. You will have a XAMPP control panel application to run database services easily.

xampp-control.exe is the XAMPP Control Panel to activate and manage the service.

You can also access XAMPP Control Panel through start menu

Just look for XAMPP

In XAMPP Control Panel, there are several service you can start. What you need to start is MySQL.

Start MySQL service

The first time you run the service you may need to whitelist the mysql service in your firewall.

When the mysql server is running the indicator will be green.

Congratulations, you have successfully setup MySQL!

Setup MySQL as a service

You already know how to run a MySQL server.
But you need to start the MySQL server every time your computer reboots and you want to use Translation memory in Translator++.
There is a way to make the MySQL server automatically active every time your computer reboots, by installing it as a service.

It is very easy. You don’t need to be an IT infrastructure expert to do it.

First, open up XAMPP Control panel as administrator

Run as XAMPP control panel as administrator

Then check the checkbox at the left of MySQL section. By default it is cross marked.

Check the check box.
Confirm the confirmation dialog

If success you will see tick mark instead of cross mark.

Voila, now MySQL will automatically start every time your computer boots up.

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