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Live Maker Engine

LiveMaker is a freeware engine that is often used by indie visual novel creators. Its advantage is that it’s very user-friendly for beginners who don’t know programming. That’s why LiveMaker is very popularly used for lightweight visual novels developed by individuals.

Characteristic of LiveMaker Engine Game

You can tell that the game is a LiveMaker engine by looking at the file structure.
the file structure of the LiveMaker engine is very simple, Usually, all files are packaged in one .exe file.
and there is a live.dll file in the exe file folder.

Common file structure format of Live Maker Engine game.


Live Maker are free plugin and can be installed on Translator++ 5.8.12 or later.

Live Maker plugin minimum required

Live Maker extractor uses a Python plugin. but you still can use it without installing Python.

when you select a Live Maker project, there are instructions to first install.

Instruction to be followed for the first time translating a Live maker engine game

pylivemaker plugin is not installed automatically when you use Translator++, so you have to install it manually.

To install pylivemaker, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install pylivemaker

pylivemaker has been installed successfully
Live Maker engine translator start option.
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