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Save console log into a file

In most of the cases you might need to send me the console log if you asked me for a support.

Here is how to dump the console file into the file :


To be able to do this step, you need Translator++ Developer version.


This section will explain the steps to keep logs using Translator++’s built-in developer tools. See the following link if you want to access the console remotely :

1. Open Developer Tool window by pressing F12

Open the console tab in the developer tool window.

Console log on Developer Tool window

2. Right click, then select Save as

A save as dialog window will appear. Save the .log file into your hard drive.

3. Remove personal information

You can use the “Find & Replace” feature on the notepad or any text editor to remove all of your personal information that might logged into the log file.

Personal information such as but not limited to :

  1. The user name of your OS
    Translator++ doesn’t use your username. But it might be appear on the temporary folder path.
  2. The title of the game you’re working on.
    I don’t want to know what game you’re working on.

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