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Translator Engine

Translator Engine is the Translator++ API for handling MTL.

Supported automatic translation service

Service nameRequirementInfo
AtlasRequire Atlas to be installed locally
BingUses web hooker
ChatGPTRequire OpenAI developer API key
DeepL (Public API)DeepL Translator add-onUses web hooker
DeepL Pro (with developer API key)DeepL Pro add-on
Google (free unlimited public API)
Google Cloud (V2)
Google Cloud (V3)Google Cloud Adv add-on
PapagoUses web hooker
Sugoi TranslatorSugoi Translator add-on. Sugoi Translator service must be installed locally or available on the network
WatsonWatson Translator add-on. Require API Key
YandexYandex TranslatorUses web hooker
Yandex ProRequire API key
YojetWith YOJET native protocol
LingvanexSupports HTML cloaking

Do you know any other good MTL services that Translator++ doesn’t support yet? Please contact me on discord.

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