Translator++ Ver 2.5.27 – WolfJs

Hello everyone,

How are you guys?

I hope you are healthy and kicking.

Without further ado, I’m happy to announce to you all the release of Translator++ ver. 2.5.27

Translator++ Ver 2.5.27 :

  • Add : WolfJs
  • Reworked : AddOns class
  • Reworked : UiTags class

We have three major updates in this version.


If you follow the Translator++’s dev-log, you surely know the problem we have with the old Wolf RPG parser that push me to create a parser for Wolf RPG. This parser has been completed, and I have tried it on several games with satisfying results.

Translator ++ Ver 2.5.27 will include the first version of the parser.

I will continue to perfect this parser from time to time. And I hope you continue to provide input.

I will continue to improve this parser from time to time into perfection. And I hope you all continue to support me and provide feedback.

Add-ons class has been reworked

I plan to continue to add support to more game engines into Translator++.

My goal is afterall…. to make a translation tool that supports all major engines in the market.

But each game engine has different characteristics, it requires different parsers, and might require a completely different handler.

If I continue to add more and more features into Translator++, it will become bloated in no time.

So, I want to make Translator++ more modular. 

The benefit of making Translator++ modular is that these modules can be updated separately without updating the entire application. Users also have the option to disable modules that they do not use. This will keep the size of Translator++ stay in check… except you explicitly install all the modules. 

This will also open the possibility for the other developer or modder to create their own modules for Translator++.

At present this AddOn class is still in progress.

Tags are improved.

I also made improvements to the tagging feature.

Now we can use tagging to filter out (or in) translation when applying translations.

I hope you enjoy the latest version of Translator++.

More download options

Starting from this version, Translator++ is also available in standard version and developer version.

Developer version is slightly bigger in size. It has a built in developer tools and debugger.

Translator ++ Ver 2.5.27 is available in Patron’s download section. 

Stay healthy, and avoid the crowds.