Remaking WolfTrans

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing fine.

Do you all work from home? Because I also work from home.

This is a long week for me. Because in the country where I live, everyone is currently enjoying a week of holiday. Normally this occasion is a great opportunity to enjoy spring vacation with your family and friends. But during a Corona outbreak like this, everyone has to enjoy their long vacation at home. Without any productive activities, this can be a daunting experience for most of us.

As you know, Translator++ uses WolfTrans to retrieve and insert translations into WRPGE games.

For me, WolfTrans is a very good and very useful tool. However, I received many complaints about the compatibility of Translator++ with WRPGE games. 

So I decided to be more productive this week by looking thoroughly at WolfTrans.

And, I’ve found several major problems…

  1. WolfTrans does not support any games made with the English version of WRPGE.
    I did not realize this problem before. Because previously WRPGE was only popular among Japanese developers. And I’ve only tried to translate Japanese games before.
    But now the English version of WRPGE is very good. And there are probably many games made with the English version of WRPGE by now. But unfortunately WolfTrans does not support all games made with the English version of WRPGE.
  2. WolfTrans does not translate string arguments for common events.
    Which will cause some text not to appear on Translator++ ‘s grid.
    Some developers use very sophisticated techniques to display dialogue. Often they utilize Common Events’s parameters to do their magic.
  3. A single exception will halt the entire parsing process.
  4. WolfTrans hasn’t been updated and maintained for a long time.

So, I decided to make my own tool to handle WRPGE translations from scratch. This tool will fix a lot of problems that previously occurred when translating WRPGE.

And because this tool is written in Node. This tool will be seamlessly compatible with Translator++.

Currently I have successfully parsed the map Files, common events files & database files. … which means … all the files mandatory for translation.

Common Events are successfully parsed into Javascript’s object

And I still haven’t decided yet whether to translate the .project file too or not. All strings in this file only appear in the game creation process (in the editor’s UI of WRPGE), and do not appear in the game itself.

But there is still much that needs to be done. It may take some more time before this new module is integrated perfectly in Translator++. In the meantime, please consider becoming a Patron to show your support for this project.


You only need $1 to become a Patron. And you will get access to the latest release from Translator++.