Translator++ Ver. 2.4.16 – Apply translation into Wolf RPG Games

Hello fellow translators,

How are you guys? I hope all of you are healthy. In this lock down period I hope you guys are doing a lot of productive indoor activities. I think translating games is considered to be productive activities (maybe). Hopefully Translator++ helps you overcome boredom while being locked at home.

Translator++ Ver. 2.4.16

  • Fix : Current Text Editor background change
  • Fix : Current Text Editor guide line scroll fix
  • Add : Apply translation for Wolf RPG Game
  • Fix : Drag select bug when selecting object selector right at the border
  • Add : Editor integration for Wolf RPG Editor games.
  • Add : Open Editor for Wolf RPG Editor games
  • Add : Batch translation options
  • Add : Option to select object based by translation progress
  • Fix : When a sentence is exist multiple time in a cell, only the first one will be translated when perform batch translation.
  • Fix : Middle click sometimes will open new application window.
  • Add : Double click and midle click action on object selector pane
  • Fix : Translator engine : Kakao Talk unable to change language
  • Add : Win32 build
  • And more

Better Wolf RPG Editor Support

Like the video that you can see here. Now we can easily translate WRPGE just like we did for RPG Maker.

There are also improvements that eliminate a lot of problems in the process of making a new project or export project.

I also integrated WRPGE editor with Translator++. An editable WRPGE game will be generated for you, so you have the choice to translate directly using the WRPGE editor tool.

You have the options to edit your game with the the WRPGE editor

Windows 32 bit build

There are many who request the 32-bit version of Translator ++. So this is the answer to your request.

Starting from Ver. 2.4.16, we will release a 32 bit version of Translator++.

(But if you use 64bit OS. I strongly recommend you to use the 64bit version of Translator++.)

Batch Translation options

In the previous version of Translator++, when you commit batch translation… Translator++ will try to apply the translation results everywhere … including the unchecked objects. This will ensure the consistency of the translation along the game. 

To ensure consistency, The translation results also applied to the other objects.

But, sometimes this behavior is unwanted.

Now you have the options to use or not to use this feature when doing batch translation.

Translator++ Ver. 2.4.16 is available to download no in the patron’s download section.

Enjoy, and stay healthy.