Progress of the new Wolf RPG parser

Hello everyone,

I hope you all healthy and well.

Thank you all for your support for Translator++.

I will give you the brief report on the progress of the new Wolf RPG parser.

Currently the parser has successfully loaded data from all of kind of the Wolf RPGs that I have in my hard drive.

Wolf RPG games that previously could not be opened with WolfTrans can also be opened.

This game previously could not be opened using WolfTrans

The translation was successfully entered into the game data.

Here is a new menu display for the Wolf game parser:

To create this new menu, I searched for the official icon for Wolf RPG … but at no avail.

So I decided to create it myself based on the small resolution Wolf RPG icon game.

While at it, I also generated a high resolution .ico file for the application.

Now every Wolf RPG translated with Translator++ can have a better resolution icon suitable with your latest OS.

It takes a few more days before the new Wolf RPG parser can be fully used in Translator++.

Please look forward to it.