Update info: Translator++ Ver. 3.12.20

This is Beta release.


Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 3.12.20

Ver. 3.12.20

  • fix Search menu’s script editor: Executes all regardless selection
  • add index, maxIndex, and isLast properties for custom script
  • update Sugoi Translator
  • fix Sugoi Translator: Fix newline marker
  • fix Sugoi Translator: Detect consistency with Common Reference
  • fix Sugoi Translator: Capitalize first letter
  • fix Sugoi Translator: Remove trailing dot if the original doesn’t have one.
  • fix “Ignore if already translated” flag is reversed in Line-by-line batch translation mode
  • fix Can use any column as a source translation in Row-by-Row translation mode.
  • add Option to overwrite destination cell when performing batch translation
  • add Option to play sound when batch translation is completed
  • add Batch translation: Option to automatically save project for each batch completion
  • add “Mark as complete” flag on the objects


You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.