Update info: Translator++ Ver. 3.12.15

This is Beta release.


Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 3.12.15

Ver. 3.12.15

  • fix Live translation pane (built in translation aggregator) by default will disable all translator
  • fix Live translation pane will remember which translator are active
  • fix Code Editor: Automatically open the last file
  • fix Selected multiple cell when pressing ctrl key and focus out from the window (finally yay!)
  • fix Delay on opening search menu is removed
  • fix Batch translation’s “Ignore if already translated” option
  • fix Request payload is more efficient now when ignoring translated row
  • fix Cell translation will immediately reflected on the editor
  • fix Cell possitions sometime glitched when scroll reach the bottom of the table
  • update Code Editor : Quick load file more obvious.
  • add Code Editor: Button to open Developer Tool (if you are in Dev version)
  • add Code Editor: More helpful information on console window.
  • fix When cell is changed by direct editing on the grid, the change will immediately reflected on the current cell editor.


You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.