Translator++ Ver 3.4.29 – Google Cloud Advanced

Hello fellow translators,

This is a delayed notification from the recent release.


Translator++ Ver. 3.4.29

  • Fix : Potential memory leaks on DVField.js
  • Update : Option window’s styling
  • Fix : Application closed when closing option windows
  • Fix : Unable to open search window on the multiple instance of Translator++
  • Fix : State and position of the second windows or more are remembered.
  • Fix : Can not disable auto update
  • Add : Google Cloud Advanced (API V3) & Google cloud translate glossary
  • Update : KAGParse 0.7 : Folder normalizer for KrKrExtract’s structured folder
  • Update : NWJS to ver. 53 (I hope this will fix the NWjs bugs when handling write file on Renpy)

Installable add-ons

We are happy that more and more features are being added to Translator++. But each addition of these features will make Translator++ bulky. Also, resources will be used more because of the extra libraries being loaded.

Some of the features in Translator++ are indispensable. But others are niche and used by only a small number of users.

For example, let’s say the recently added addon on this release, The Google Cloud Advanced. This addon uses the official module from google which will load 57 additional libraries into the system. Even though this addon will apparently only be used by a small number of users with a thick wallet (which is quite strange i think, because if they can afford Google Cloud billing, they most likely can afford manual translation service).

That’s why I made some additional features modular. This means, you can install it when needed and uninstall it when you don’t need them. You can install additional modules from the Online tab in the Options -> Add-ons section.

Some addons are available only for Patrons with a certain total number of pledges. This is one way to incentivize loyal patrons. The number of points is calculated from the one’s total number of pledges ever given for Translator++. So even if someone is no longer an active patron, he or she can return to this tab at any time and install additional add-ons without any worries.

Google Cloud Advanced (aka APIV3)

Google Cloud Advanced is the latest version of Google Cloud API which was developed by Google.

Google Advanced options

The advantages of Google Cloud Advanced from Google Cloud Basic are that it has a glossary feature and supports batch translating out of the box. In short, this new API is more feature-rich.

Bug in NWJS ver v0.45.4

The releases prior to this version are using NWjs ver v0.45.4. This is actually two version releases ahead than the one I’m using in my development environment…which is why this bug went on for so long without being noticed. This bug causes Translator++ to crash when there is a file read/write process. Previously some users reported that Translator++ are crashed when exporting/injecting Renpy games.

I tried several NWJS releases and found that the latest release, version 53.0, is quite stable. But every NWJS release tends to have problems, so if you come across any issues please contact me.

You can download Translator++ Ver 3.4.29 at patron’s download page.

This version is not available in auto-update. Because It updates NWJs Core.

Translator++ ver 3.3.30B is available for everyone.