Translator++ Ver. 3.4.15

Hello everyone,

This is a quick note about version 3.4.15

What has been changed

Translator++ ver. 3.4.15

  • Update : Better code escaping regexp for RPG Maker
  • Fix : Google Cloud unable to translate other than Japanese
  • Update : Google cloud translator engine to 1.4
  • Fix : Sometime when closing the option windows the configuration is not saved
  • Fix : Better performance for addon loader
  • Fix : Unable to resize column via context menu
  • Fix : RenParser can now export selected files
  • Fix : replaces fs with graceful-fs to avoid error when opening or writing a lot of files at once.
  • Fix : Renpy updated to ver 0.6, more stable file handling, parsing & writing progress now displayed on the progress window.
  • Fix : KAG Parser, added new alternative parser, supposed to be more accurate.
  • Fix : KAG Parser now able to export files partially
  • Update : KAGParser ver.0.6
  • Fix : Cleaning up SourceMaps that causes warnings on developer console
  • And more

More into KAGParser

I plan to create an addon for TyranoBuilder. Because the Tyranobuilder script is based on KAG, I want to make sure the current KAG parser is more stable.

So, I added a new parser based on KAG Script Tree Generator. It is a KAG script tokenizer for Script Tree Explorer.

This parser is significantly slower than the one I created. But I think It can parse accurately. So you have the options to switch between the parser on the Options menu. Please try it out. But please take note that you must use the same parser when you export/inject the project with the parser you’ve used when you created those particular projects.

Make the developer tools slightly better place

In order to make console log a more comfortable place to visit, In this version I cleared the console log from false warnings. I also got rid of the unnecessary sourceMap on all module nodes.

SourceMap tends to give a lot of false warnings in the console log. There are certain settings in the developer tools to hide these warnings.

Some nasty warnings from Google’s official Cloud Translator modules

I want to fix this from the core of the problem.

So I scrubbed out all the js & css scripts in the application from this source map. The result is a slight increase in performance, especially for those of you who are using the Developer version.

You can update your Translator++ to Version 3.4.15 from auto-update.