Translator++ Ver 3.5.11 – RMMV & RMMZ Decrypter, XP3 repacker

Hello fellows translators,

Last week was a holiday in the country where I live. So I have a lot of time to fix some addons like RMMV & RMMZ and KAG.

Changelog up to 3.5.11

Translator++ 3.5.11

  • Fix : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Export to zip problem
  • Add : KAGParser : Tool menu to repack directory into xp3
  • Fix : Instruction on how to connect Translator++ with Patreon account is improved.

Translator++ 3.5.7

  • Fix : Buttons are disabled when creating a new project.
  • Fix : Tables are invisible when creating a new project.
  • Fix : Workflow to extract enigma never triggered
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : More warning when attempting to fetch translations from Javascript
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : A new tool menu to extract enigma into a directory (tpp > Tools > RMMV & RMMZ > Extract Enigma Virtual box)

Translator++ 3.5.6

  • Fix : Grid’s word wrap doesn’t worked since 3.3.30
  • Add : New interface language – Russian (contributed by Admin Island)
  • Fix : Console overlay z-index problem
  • Add : Close project (because every app should has one)
  • Add : Confirmation when exiting app
  • Fix : Buttons disabled when no project is opened
  • Add : Utility to dump Translator++’s UI texts. In case you want to create your own localization.
  • Update : RMMV engine 0.2
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Allows us to translate plugins
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Allows us to translate plugin’s parameters (this should fix a lot of untranslated texts on game menus)
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Built in decrypter to decrypt encrypted resources
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : New RMMV & MZ’s menu ribbon
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Tests game directly from Translator++
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine : Open editor directly from Translator++

More utility for RMMV & RMMZ

On the ribbon menu there are new menus that really help the translation process.

RPG Maker MV & RPG Maker MZ Special Tools

We also have several new utilities under the Tools menu.

Decrypt encrypted RPG Maker MV & MZ resources

This utility provide us a GUI interface to extract enigma boxed games. Also not to mention the invaluable resources descriptor, in case you need them to translate resources (images, audios and videos)

RMMV & RMMZ engine : ability to translate plugins & plugin parameters.

Previously, many complained because even though all the strings in the RPG Maker scenario had been translated, there were still untranslated text in the game. For example, menu contents, HUD, text on quests and so on. That’s because there is a high chance that the text is actually part of the plugin parameters or a string inside the plugins … which is javascript files.

The plugin’s parameter on the RPG Maker MV editor.

I don’t really recommend translating text in javascript with machine translator, or rather I don’t recommend translating plugins at all. But experienced translators may need this feature to quickly fetch translatable texts in the plugins instead of searching for them manually in the RPG Maker editor.

By default when you start a Translator++ project, javascript files will not load into the grid. However, you can load the javascript files any time by pressing the “Load Plugins Into Project” button.

Click to load all translatable texts from plugins

Once you clicked the button, the necessary javascript files will be loaded into the grid as follows:

Plugin strings and parameters are translatable now.

Behavior change on KAGParser

In the previous version, KAGParser will automatically rename the xp3 file to bak after extracting it with the hope that people will not be confused because after injection the game remains in the original language because it still reads the data.xp3 file. But this has proven to cause confusion for some. So the latest version of Translator ++ will not change the xp3 file. Users need to rename by themself if needed. Because scenario files are not inside data.xp3 in some cases.

It looks like the scenario script is read according to priority as follows:

  1. data.xp3
  2. If data.xp3 doesn’t exist, read data folder
  3. patch.xp3 will be loaded when exist, overwriting previously loades scenarios or resources
  4. when patch.xp3 is exist … patch2.xp3, patch3.xp3 …are also will be loaded if any.

The latest version of Translator++ has a tool to pack a folder into xp3. So you can repack the translated scenario back to xp3. Or you can create a patch.xp3 file that contains the translated scenarios (and even resources such as translated images), so that the original data.xp3 file will remain untouched.

Repack a folder into xp3 can be accessible through Translator++’s main menu

The tool itself is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory.

Easy XP3 repacker

You can update your Translator++ by using auto-update.