Translator++ Ver. 3.1.30 – RM2K & RM2K3

Hello fellow translators,

Thank you for your continuous support on Translator++.

Your support motivates me to continue making improvements and release the latest updates for Translator++.

This year is the third year of Translator++, so from now on Translator++ is entering its 3rd version.

Translator++ Ver. 3.1.30

  • Add : Support for RPG Maker 2000 & 2003
  • New workflow for RPG Maker’s project creation.
  • Add : WolfJS : Option to set maximum number of lines in the message box.
  • Fix : Third party application installer sometimes unable to install the software.
  • Inject translation from the main menu now will inject all objects disregard the selection. This is to avoid confusion.
  • Export translation from the main menu now will process all objects disregard the selection. This is to avoid confusion.
  • Fix : Layout broken when scroll bar appeared on Active Cell
  • Fix : Scrollbar on original text
  • Add : Can navigate cell from current cell field
  • Update : Bing translator
  • Update : V3 style

Translator++ now supports all version of RPG Maker available on Windows

Yes, that includes RPG Maker 2000 & 2003 too.

The biggest challenge when creating support for this legacy RPG Maker is unicode support. Because RPG Maker 2k & 2k3 only supports a handful of the text encoding formats.

Initially this was one of the reasons I was not too interested in working on this engine. But I saw some people working very hard to remake the interpreter of this almost obsolete game in the EasyRpg project. Because of that I became more motivated to work on this engine.

Many patrons also gave suggestions to make support for this engine.

There is a switch to enable / disable the easyrpg interpreter in the options section. I highly recommend using easyrpg instead of native rpg maker’s interpreter.

Behavior change on export & inject translation

So far, some people who are using Translator++ for the first time are confused because the texts they translate are not all exported when there are several objects in the right pane checked. I have to admit this is a blunder in the UI design.

Now I change the export & import behavior to make it more sensible. If you export or inject a translation using the buttons in the main menu, Translator++ will process all the objects disregard the selection.

Export & Inject on main menu will disregards the selection.

On the other hand, if you export or inject a translation through the right click menu, selection will be taken into account.

Export and the newly added Inject translation menu on the right click will process the selection.

Translator++ Ver 3.1.30 is available on patron’s download section.