Translator++ Ver 3.1.31 – Fixes!

Hello Everyone,

Someone informed me that the previous build contained an error that caused RGSS based RPG Makers (RMXP, VX, VXAce) to error upon project creation.

I can confirm that the error was present and create a new release that will fix those errors.

This error is actually occurred because some scripts didn’t included properly (missing in the final build) when I built the release.

I’m currently uploading the ver 3.1.31 which also includes fixes for other issues:

Translator++ Ver 3.1.31

  • Fix : Unable to create RMVXAce project
  • Fix : RPGMaker 2k&2k3’s use easyRPG option is reversed
  • Fix : An error in previous builds that has caused all RGSS-based RPG Makers to crash.

It is midnight in my place now. And the upload won’t be finished anytime soon. So I’ll post the link in Patron’s download section tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you.