Translator++ V.1.12.4 – Windows Explorer integration

Hello fellow translators,

In this update I made a lot of changes to the way NW.js interacts with the Translator ++ application.

Changelog Ver 1.12.4

  • Text autocomplete behavior has been changed. Now enter key will not trigger the autocomplete.
  • position of autocomplete has been adjusted.
  • Find & Replace window became frameless.
  • Find & Replace window will be transparent when not focused. 
  • The size & State of main window is remembered for each season.
  • Fixed bug: opening TPP file doesn’t work.
  • .trans, .tpp, .json file can be opened from Windows explorer.
  • Translator++ can be opened in multiple window now
  • File association options on the option menu has been added

TPP File can be loaded now…. For real…

first of all, I’m sorry, apparently so far the TPP import process cannot be done. Because apparently I forgot commenting on one line of code that made the TPP import process impossible. And this has been going on for months without me knowing.


TPP or Translator ++ Package file is a file format that allows you to open your project on another computer. The TPP contains translation data and minimum assets needed to generate translation patches.

This has been fixed in this latest version.

In addition, we can directly open TPP files through Windows Explorer.

Open supported file from Windows Explorer

Now we can open supported files (.trans, .tpp, .json) directly from Windows explorer.

To do this, in Windows Explorer, select the file you want, right click> open with, and then select Translator ++ executable file.

Or you can register the relevant extension to Window’s registry.

The menu is located at:

Options> General> File association

To make this possible, I did many things, including creating a new icon for supported documents.

Open your project directly from Windows Explorer

Search window has been improved

The search menu is now frame less (meaning more ergonomic). And will be transparent if not focused.

Search window is frameless and become transparent when not focused.

This is very useful, because usually I want the search window to remain open while I’m translating, but this window is blocking the view. Making it transparent is a good solution.

You can download Translator++ ver. 1.12.4 in the patron’s download page.