Preparation for Translator++ V. 2.1

Hello everyone,

Hope you all enjoy your day off.

At the beginning of next month Translator ++ version 2.1 will be released.

If you have access to “The Lab” you might have seen changes for the upcoming version of Translator ++.

I would like to share a bit information about the upcoming version:

The left panel layout was redesigned. I think this new design makes more sense than the old one.

The process of making a new project was also overhauled.

Now there is an additional dialog window along with several options for creating a New Project.

As you can see, there are a number of new options for making projects. Previously Translator ++ could only create new projects from RPG Maker and Wolf RPG Editor games. But my hope, in the future Translator ++ can be a multipurpose translation aid for various needs. This new layout will be a placeholder for that purpose.

(note that not all options in the new menu can be fully used yet)

For the version that will be released next month we can create new projects from various types of spreadsheet files. Yes, you can use Translator ++ to translate one or several spreadsheet files at once.

Maybe you are wondered, why does the Game translation tool translate Excel files? Why is this so important?

Well, because spreadsheets are probably the most common format known to almost anyone who has touched a keyboard.

Everyone agrees that spreadsheets are the easiest format to store information in tabular form.

Let’s say you have a game with an engine that is not supported by Translator++. You have succeeded in dumping all the translatable material from that game. But you want to translate using Translator++. The spreadsheet file is the “bridge to fill that gap”.

Of course you can create a translation table in native Translator++ format, .trans. This format is actually in the form of JSON. JSON is (arguably) human readable format. Writing one or two lines in JSON format may be OK … but how about thousands of lines with text formatting ??

So I realized, not many of you might want to dedicate your time to make the conversion of your translated text to .trans format. This is why making Translator++ support spreadsheets is an important step.

Translator ++ Version 2.1 with the ability to create new projects from spreadsheets is planned to be released for Patrons early January. Look forward to it!