Translator++ 2.3.23 – Apply Translation

Hello everyone, how are you guys?
In this critical (and strange) time, I hope all of you are healthy.

I created this month Translator++’s updates from home to follow local government’s advice. I hope you also follow the advice of the local government regarding the prevention of the Corona virus outbreak.

Here are the details of the update this month:

Translator++ Ver. 2.3.23

  • Fix: Object listing error for TES encrypted games.
  • Fix: TES game patching problem when Translator ++ is not in the same drive with cache folder.
  • Fix: Export sheet error when one or more objects is selected
  • Fix: RPGMaker Trans misc character (>, \, #) now escaped properly
  • Application version now displayed on application window’s title
  • Fix: Unable to load trans files in Translator ++ second window if the path contains spaces
  • Add: F11 shortcut to maximize the window.
  • Translator ++ becomes a frameless application

Apply translation

This is the highlight of this month’s update.
As explained in this video, we can apply translation in RPG Maker games quickly. There is no need for a manual patch process. This will save a lot of time and quickly help people who are new to the translation process of RPG Maker.

But this feature is currently only available for RPG Maker games (RPG Maker XP, VX, VX Ace, & MV). Support for other engines will follow in the next release.

With this feature the translation process with Translator++ reaches a full loop. This means you can safely distribute trans files, because everyone can patch their own game as long as they have a suitable source material and a trans file. In previous versions of Translator++, tpp files were the only way for others to translate their own games. Maybe other people don’t feel comfortable distributing translations with tpp format, because this format links a number of files from original resources.

With the trans file, as long as the user has the original game, they can translate their games with confidence.

Some major fixes

This version also includes important improvements such as proper character escaping for special character such as >, \, and # in RPG Maker games.

Now we don’t need to do escaping these characters manually, and most importantly fix a lot of game issues that can’t be played after translating if we forget or neglect escaping those special characters.

Another fix is ​​the possibility of an error that appears when Translator++ handles games that are on another drive.

Become a frameless app

Translator++ is now compliant with modern app standards by being frameless.

What does frameless mean? And why is this so important? you might ask…

A non-frameless applications use the default OS title application bar (you know, the top most section of an application where close, maximize, minimize button are placed). In many cases the default OS title bar is very rigid and cannot be changed freely. Frameless applications usually handle this title bar on their application. They can design this section freely, so they have more room to use in the area where the title bar should be placed. The most common example for this is the tab on the browser you are using now. It saves extra 32 pixel or so for more viewing spaces, but we can feel that it was a huge leap of browsing experiences compared with the older version of the browsers. In short, frameless applications have more room for toolbars and workspaces … Which Translator++ is going to use this extra space in the next versions.

Translator ++ version 2.3.23 can be downloaded on the patron’s download page.