Translator++ v 1.6.30 – TPP file & Baidu

Hello fellow translators,

This month release of Translator++ is a major one.

Version 1.6.30

  • Added capability to import/export to .tpp (Translator++ Project Package) file. We can continue our work to another PC now.
  • BING translation engine is updated. Now can translate into and translate from any language.
  • BING translation engine is updated. Now can modify url API.
  • Bug fix on Google Cloud Translator, custom url doesn’t work when changing URL on options
  • Some fix on auto translator feature.
  • Fix on Atlas translator that somehow missing the required middleware binary file to interact with Atlas’ dll. 

We finally can transfer our project to other PC by using TPP file.

TPP file will pack your “trans” file, along with all necessary game file needed to build a working game patch. So when you import your project in another PC by using TPP file, you can compile a game patch from that PC too. You don’t required to start a new project, and the original full game data is also not required.

You can find the menu from Export file.

I think the TPP file conclude all the “must have” feature in my to-do list. Now I can focus on the “nice to have” feature.

Baidu Translate

I have fiddle around baidu translation a bit, and find a way to add it into Translator++.

In Translator++ v 1.6.30, you can use Baidu to translate your game. But I think the translation on the “Translation Pane” will be slightly off because Baidu uses non standard naming for the language. For example, other translation agree that the language code for Japanese is “ja”, but Baidu want to make his own standard, it is “jp”… So, a minor problem will occur when all the translator engine translate simultaneously. I will fix this soon, hopefully on the next update.

Also, I think I’ll add Yandex for future release.

This version is available for download in the patron download page.

Also, Translator++ Ver. 1.6.17 that contains fix for Google Translate will be available for everyone.

Happy Translating.