Translator++ 2.2.20 And Third Party Apps

Hello everyone,

Thank you for continuing to use Translator++.

I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to your messages lately. As I said before, my workplace situation is not really good lately. This requires me to do a lot of extra work. But, once again, I assure you, that I have read all your messages. I recorded a number of valuable feedback messages in my personal to-do list.


  • Removed : some third party application from distribution
  • Add : Third party application installer
  • Fix : Unable to process files with “!” or “%” on their path
  • Fix : UI error when there is no configuration file exist

Starting with version 2.2.20, Translator++ will no longer include several third party applications in it’s distribution file.

“Why”, You might ask?

There are several reasons.

The first reason is because I want to reduce the Translator++ distribution file. At present the size of the Translator++ file distribution has exceeded 150MB. My initial goal was below 100MB. But the size of the NWJs developer edition alone is more than 100MB… and the size is getting bigger at every release (now it’s around 110 MB). I had planned to get rid of the debugger tool in Translator++ in the distribution file. But many people apparently use this tool. So I had to look for other options to reduce the Translator++ file size. The first choice is to exclude third party applications.

The next reason is license. I want to keep Translator++ away from any licensing issues. Actually, one of the license holders of the third party application has contacted me … and he doesn’t seem very happy with the inclusion of his application in Translator++. That is why I think this is a pressing matter to do.

At the beginning, I made Translator++ for myself and for a closed translator community. So at that time I wasn’t concerned too much about dumping in any third party applications that I needed. But lately, because Translator++ is already widely used, I have to take licensing issues seriously.

Another reason is to clarify what Translator++ actually does, and what Translator++ does not do. Many people came and complained to me because of problems that occur in third party applications that are actually outside the scope of Translatorr++. In case you forget, Translator++ handles GUI, ease of use, translation and some built-in module handlers such as RPG Maker MV & spreadsheets. And some tasks are handled by third party apps. I plan to make myself some things that are currently handled by third party applications. But, until that day comes, please be patient with what we have now…

But, does removing the third party application from the Translator++ distribution make it more troublesome for you? Absolutely not. I created a module to help you view what third party applications are needed, while also helping you to download and install them from the available mirrors … all in one click.

This reminder will be opened each time you start Translator++ (unless you choose to “Do not show this message again” or all third party application has been  installed).
You can also open the application installer from global menu.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ve also fixed the old problem of Translator++ that was unable to handle files with exclamation marks or percent signs on their path. 

Translator++ Ver. 2.2.20 is available for everyone. 

350 Patrons reached!

350 Patrons has been reached. Thank you for your support!

I also thank all of you who support Translator ++.

As I promised, I will start working to make the patching process easier for all of you.

Previously, to patch, we had to do several steps such as extracting resources, deleting or renaming several files, then moving the translation to a specific folder. At first I thought this was a very easy thing to do. After all It’s just a matter of copy paste which everyone is capable of.

And even though I’ve made a guide about this … it turns out that a lot … lots of people keep coming to ask the same problem about “how to apply a patch into the game”.

 So for your convenience, I will make a module for you to do the patching process automatically. 

Now, let’s continue to build further this feature.

Please stay tuned, and look forward to further developments from Translator ++.