Some news & Translator++ Ver. 2.7.28

Hello everyone,

We all face difficult times during this Coronavirus pandemic. I hope all of you are healthy. 

RPG Maker MZ

Last month Degica and Kadokawa announced RPG Maker MZ. The latest entry of RPG Maker Engine will be released next month on August 21.

This engine will use the latest version of Node Webkit, the very same engine used by MV.

Because the engine used is the same as MV, it is very likely that we can import games made in RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker MZ. So, most likely the games made with MZ will appear shortly after this engine was released.

I plan to add support for RPG Maker MZ to Translator++ as soon as the engine is released. Please look forward to it.

Support for Renpy. We’re almost there!

I thank you all for your support. Translator++ can still be there thanks to your support. 

We are almost there for the next milestone.

In this moment, I also want to thank you all for your vote in the “Vote for the next feature” post. The poll is still available until we reach 500 patrons count. Some of you might not have voted yet, please vote while there is still time left.

For those who wish to know what are the options available to be voted to:

1. Add support for RPG Maker 2K & 2K3

This will complete all the support for the market available RPG Maker engines. Because “Support all RPG Maker Engines on the market” sounds nice. 

2. Do something with Unity Engine

Support for Unity Engine will definitely cool.

3. Translate from XML (or XML a like) document

Some people dump their translation project into XML formatted data. Translator++ may can help you with that.

4. Translate from any text based script with REGEX

This will be another wild-card support. That means, any text based script can be worked with Translator++.

5. Add support for DEEPL translator

This relatively new translation machine service has a high demand.

6. Refine the code escaping algorithm 

Let’s back to the old business…. Refine the machine translation results.

7. Other (please mention)

Translator++ Ver. 2.7.28

I also plan to release ver. 2.7.28 of Translator++ tomorrow.

Translator++ ver. 2.7.28’s change log :

  • Fix : Sometime table became blank in certain condition
  • Fix : Indexing error
  • KAGParser Fix : Error when processing blank script
  • Fix : Export function for blank project
  • Fix : EMFILE, too many open files error
  • Staging path become changeable
  • Add : more control on KAGParser’s character encoding
  • KAGParser updated to Ver 0.2
  • All translator engines updated to comply with the new project based language settings
  • And more

This version will fix some major bugs that occurred when Translator++ handle a large number of files simultaneously when creating a new project or applying a patch.

In this version I’ve also added a property window for the projects. We can view the project properties that were previously hidden.

Each project has its own settings and options that can be configured through this window.

I’ve also fixed several problems in KAGParser, and while on that I’ve added some features that will become handy.

We can now define literal tags each time we start a new KAG Project.

Literal tags are any text within square bracket that treated as a plain text and escaped into Translator++’s grid.

Normally KAG Parser will parse the tags under the hood for you so you have a clearer view about what to be translated. By flagging the tags as a literal, the tags will not be interpolated and passed into Translator++’s front end as is.

Also, we can change the text encoding of the finished products.

As far as I know, there are only two acceptable encodings (CMIIW). The obnoxious SHIFT-JIS and UTF-16 (UCS2 LE BOM). By default, Translator++ will generate translation in SHIFT-JIS format. But now you have the power to change that.

Translator++ Ver. 2.7.28 will be available in the patron’s download section.