Translator++ 2.6.20 – KAG Parser

Hello everyone,

In addition to the previous update. The following features are included in this release :

Translator++ Ver.2.6.20

  • WolfJs ver 0.2 : Text message overflow has been fixed.
  • KAGParser ver 0.1

WolfJs ver 0.2

There are several fixes in this update.

The most noticeable fix is the change in how Translator++ handle text that will overflow the text box.

For example, if you translate a text more than 4 lines in these standard text-boxes, then your text will overflow the textbox. 

This version will fix that behavior. Translator++ will serve as the game interpreter to create several text boxes for you depending on how many lines your translations are.

KAG Parser

So, if you are following my previous post, you will certainly have noticed that I have been working on Kiri Kiri Adventure Game (KAG) engine support. Now that engine is ready to use and included in this release.

Translator++ Ver 2.6.20 is available at patron’s download page.