Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.3.25

Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 5.3.25

Ver. 5.3.25

  • fix Prevents multiple save into the same file at once.
  • fix Removed rows from Find & Replace will reflects directly on the search result to avoid confusion
  • update Caiyun translator ver. 0.4
  • fix Caiyun: Unable to translate since previous update
  • add Caiyun: Option to add translation id (according to API documentation)
  • fix Caiyun: Correct list of supported language (which is limited to zh, en, & ja only)
  • update Trans Papago ver. 1.3.2
  • fix Papago : Unable to translate from sub-language code that include “-” character (e.g. zh-TW)
  • fix Translator options are sorted by name
  • update SugoiTrans ver. 0.5.14
  • fix Added support for Sugoi Translator Toolkit ver. 5.0



This is Beta release.

You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.