Translator++ Ver. 1.7.22

Hello everyone,

Here is what changed in Translator++ Ver. 1.7.22 :

  • TES-Patcher updated to v. 0.2.2.
  • “Translate Here” options was added into grid context menu
  • Explicit info and Error handling for unsupported format was added
  • Bug fix : Import is not working.
  • Bing translator API has been updated
  • Escape algorithm for “Aggressive splitting” algorithm has been updated
  • And more…

I decided to add “Translate here” menu on the table’s context menu :

And perhaps since three or four weeks ago BING has changed their API Protocol. That’s why BING doesn’t work anymore with the previous version of Translator++. This update fix that.

You can get this version from patron’s download page.