Update info: Translator++ Ver. 6.2.7

Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 6.2.7

Ver. 6.2.7

  • update VNTextPatch ver. 0.8
  • fix VNTextPatch: Characters’ name can be processed properly and by default tagged yellow
  • update RM2k & RM2k3 ver. 0.3
  • fix RM2k & RM2k3: Add event command code into the context
  • fix RM2k & RM2k3: Add default tags for the dangerous-to-translate-texts
  • fix RM2k & RM2k3: Comments are excluded from the grid (unlike another RPGMaker Comments has no playability value on RM2k & 2k3)
  • update XML Parser ver. 0.3
  • fix XML Parser: Use ParserBase class extension
  • fix XML Parser: Merge translate method with ParserBase’s
  • fix XML Parser: Unwanted multiple contexts
  • fix Class ParserBase: Allow add default translation on registerString()
  • fix ui.openImportTrans dialog window optimized
  • add trans.importFromFile() now accepts both filePath or Trans object
  • add AddonUtils class – Utility to add basic parser’s methods



This is Beta release.

You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.